Printable Monthly Calendars

Printable Monthly Calendars

Today is 20% of your sales week.

To lose only two salesdays a month to laziness or waiting for a better day to do something, is to lose more than a full month of salesdays each year (2 x 12 = 24). That’s scary.

Protect your salesdays like your money (because that’s what they are).

Click on the calendars below to view their printable PDFs or right-click them to “Save As…” Monthly Calendar September 2019 Monthly Calendar October 2019
Go Beyond Mediocrity. Cross The Line. Monthly Calendar November 2019 Monthly Calendar December 2019

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Sam Parker is the author of this material and co-founder of Before launching JustSell, Sam carried a bag in 5 different industries (office products, financial services, pharmaceuticals, joint replacements, and software).

Sam is also the creator of several bestselling inspirational messages. Each is helping thousands of organizations care more about their work and the people they serve (available at They include 212 the extra degree, SalesTough, Cross The Line, Smile & Move, Love Your People, and Lead Simply.

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