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It took you a lot to bring them in. Now it’s time to keep them (and sell them more). Remember, prospects become customers and customers are prospects.

For many salespeople (especially those that classify themselves as hunters), service and follow-up activities are often the most overlooked part of the sales process. But if it’s less cold calling you want (does anyone want more?), it’s your service and follow-up that’ll get you there. While prospecting is something that should always be done, it doesn’t need to be done cold in all cases. Implementing a deliberate and proactive service and follow-up schedule can help you get closer to that utopia where business comes to you by word-of-mouth and referral rather than through the 100 dials = 50 contacts = 10 appointments = 3 proposals = 1 sale formula.

Nothing fancy here. It’s simply a matter of taking a look at what you feel should happen after you close something, writing it down, and making a checklist so that you’re sure you’re maximizing the value of your existing base of customers. Keep in mind, these activities also will not only help you get more non-cold calling business but will also help you retain your current customer base.

On your own or with your team (preferably outside the money hours), work through the guidelines and thought prompts below to create a service and follow-up schedule that pertains to your particular sales world.

Start taking full advantage of a pool of prospects who are more likely to take your call… your customers. You’ll be doing the right thing from a service standpoint, getting to know upcoming needs to make additional sales, locking out your potential competitors, and getting business from their colleagues. After all, it’s your paying customers who should get the majority of your saleslove – give it to them. Shake and bake (and Just Sell).


Your service & follow-up schedule

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  1. Michael says:

    Check out It automates all your follow ups.

    4 July 2013

  2. Jason says:

    Does anyone have a spreadsheet or program to manage/track/remind for followups? I work in a busy service department and dont always have the free time to manually track clients/contact information. Any help is appreciated.

    7 February 2012

  3. Jaime Tirado says:

    What a good article, I’m a sales person, sales do not end with the purchase, sales start with an extensive FOLLOW UP. Thanks for the tips!!!!

    3 September 2011

  4. Ron says:

    Great post, thank you.
    For me it’s missing 1 important point: HOW to keep track of the follow-up schedule?

    I do have a follow-up schedule.
    Every checklist starts when the client signs the contract.
    What is the easiest and best way to keep all organized?
    With +200 cmr’s, some action from the checklist is required every day.

    Can you propose any software or workflow?


    29 May 2011

  5. The Power of Following Up With Customers | Women Grow Business says:

    […] Creating a follow up schedule […]

    26 April 2011

  6. Angela Gibson says:

    What a great idea to have a schedule for follow. I lack in follow up in that I do not call to ask for the sale because I feel I m being pushy. Do you have any thoughts on how I can work on this?

    2 January 2011

  7. D says:

    Wow! How USEFUL. Incredible how USEFUL this is! You don’t even have to use fake comments for people to see the USEFULness of this article!

    14 July 2010

  8. wale lad says:

    So sales could be learnt, these are very useful hints for my up coming business.Thank you

    3 January 2010

  9. P.S says:

    Thank you ! It’s a very useful advise for sales!

    30 August 2009

  10. Remo says:

    very good article. its very useful

    15 July 2009


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