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When we sell something, a verbal thank you is almost automatic – so automatic, sometimes it can be perceived as less than genuine – a “comment on the weather” filler at best.

Should we do more? Of course.

Most of us work extremely hard to bring in new customers and once we do, we’re given an opportunity to begin building a “barrier to entry” for our competitors – a much more enjoyable position than fighting through gatekeepers and prospect apathy.

A quick sales check…

During a typical year, how many non-verbal expressions of gratitude do you and your team give to your important prospects and/ or customers (beyond an email)?

What’s the appropriate number? Tough to say, really. It depends on so many different variables (e.g., your margins – what you can afford, the potential future business from the customer and/ or the customer’s colleagues – referrals, what your customer might personally feel is appropriate, etc.).

Start with a handwritten note of thanks – making it a rule rather than the exception (see below for the 4 basics behind a written thank you – and a couple samples).

Then, invest some time outside the money hours (you and/ or your team) in developing some creative ways to show your gratitude year-round. Embrace one of the 8 ideas below, or let them inspire you to go even further.

There are roughly 250 sales days a year for most people. Each is an opportunity to sell. Each is an opportunity for gratitude.

Be real. Be constant.

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4 basics of thank you notes

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  1. Uzair Ahamed Basha says:

    Thanks a lot for your excellent article in Sales….The information you provided in this E-book is really mind blowing.

    18 July 2011

  2. Joey Zani says:

    I use thank yous all the time. As an account manager twice a year I send my best customers a little gift with a humorous thank you card. Gift cards, and food seem to be the most popular. I will also randomly send them fun things throughout the year. Example – I was on the phone with a client and during our conversation his pen ran out of ink. I get hundreds of free pens from our vendors so I sent him a box with about 100 pens in it. A few days later I get a call and he thought it was the funniest thing ever and his entire office was talking about it – it cost me nothing to do this. I also have clients who order product on our website without talking with me first. At the end of every business day I will check through my orders and send out a thank you e-mail to the person who placed the order. A simple “thank you for the order today Mike.” is all you need. The key to doing any of these things is to be sincere about it. The rewards are huge.

    1 June 2011

  3. Kelley Lima says:

    What a great idea to send a genuine handwritten card. I found this site that makes it so easy to do from your laptop, A truly great site and first class stationery make a lasting impression.

    15 February 2011

  4. Mike says:

    Love this article. Thanks for sharing these great ideas.

    31 January 2011

  5. Andee Beltran says:

    Great article to make you remember the power of gratitude when it comes to customers, prospective clients, and industry peers. Don’t forget to include your business card in this thank you note. If you tell people you want them to feel free to let you know if they have concerns, make sure they have ways to contact you. Even better than just a handwritten note is the handwritten note and a follow up call a couple of weeks later.

    23 December 2009

  6. Jeana McNeil says:

    My firm sends a thank you letter and a small gift (a fun, educational style book about the animal that is our firm’s namesake) and we routinely get a thank you message in return from the recipient/prospect. Even better, they remember it for months or even years — we hear things like “I gave that book to my son, he loved it!”

    I know that when I do meetings with vendors, only about one out of ten bother to send a thank you letter (not an email). And I remember and appreciate the ones that do!

    3 December 2009

  7. Kendall Mattina says:

    I have always loved the written thank you note at the close of a sale but I also send a “thank you post card” after an appointment quickly thanking the prospect for their time and that I look forward to our “ongoing business relationship.” Then I note when I will be back in contact at the bottom of the note and through what form of communication.

    This is quicker than a formal thank you note but shows thoughtfulness and appreciation.

    2 December 2009


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