Sales Evaluation

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An objective evaluation can (and should) be a very effective tool for professional development (self-driven or not). Every month or so, consider formally investing 30-60 minutes in yourself and step through the points below as a private check on your value and progress as a sales professional (use what applies and adjust what’s missing).

Forget the fluff and examine yourself as your manager might (or ultimately will). Keep up the good, eliminate the bad and remember to always be moving toward your professional goals. Make self-evaluation a consistent part of your sales discipline and you are guaranteed to have better results. (It’s part of being SalesTough™. Here’s a short version.)

If your company hasn’t standardized its formal evaluation procedure, let the questions below serve as a guideline for evaluating your sales team and coaching them to consistently improved performance.


The Sales Evaluation

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  1. says:


    8 January 2014

  2. says:

    I have been steady at the top for 13 years. And Have been in a valley for a year. Yet still at the leaderboard and ready to make the handoff. As they say, It’s lonely at the top and its difficult coming down.

    I was castigated for being number 1 and now expect even more bloviating now that the king has been dethroned if ever so temporal.

    How do I overcome the level of mediocrity? When I have been flying at such a fast pace?

    24 April 2013

  3. Jim says:

    This is EXTREMELY helpful for assessing my team!


    19 November 2012

  4. the MAN ager says:


    22 July 2010

  5. Gretchen says:

    This was very, very helpful. Being new to Sales MANAGEMENT, it helped me clarify what to look for and develop within my team. Thanks,

    5 September 2009


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