Are You Valuable?

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Do your actions…

  1. create a positive buzz about you and your work?
  2. make others want you as a part of their team?
  3. make your employer cringe at the thought of losing you to a competitor?
  4. make your customers excited about referring you to their colleagues?

You want your actions to scream value without the need for you to say a word. This is where you want to be – with those in your company and industry – and with those to whom you’re selling.

This is what creates true economic and job security – the value you and your team create for others.

This is care (what it’s all about).

When you have the opportunity over the next few days, set a reminder to review these four questions at the end of each month. Then, give yourself a little attention by reviewing them and creating an action plan to improve in each area where you feel you should.

Easier said than done… still needs to be done.

The Fundamentals of Sales Value

(the questions you need to ask to know yours)

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  1. Are You Valuable? | Salesjournal says:

    […] Easier said than done… still needs to be done. […]

    18 July 2014

  2. says:

    As someone who is beginning his career, this is really helpful. I would love to see more articles on this.

    30 June 2014

  3. Nate says:

    I was once told that someone who wants to strive for the next challenge should work for the job, position etc. that isn’t attained yet. I totally agree. We must add value outside of traditional means which are dictated by our current title.

    31 December 2012

  4. says:

    Another valuable article from JUSTSELL!
    Thank you for sharing. It is always a pleasure to drop by and see what you are posting up for the sales world to see.

    18 June 2012

  5. Wim @ Sales Sells says:

    No man is indispensable, but some are irreplaceable. Key is to manage your visibility. It’s not enough to be the best, to reach your targets and to provide value to your customers. Your management and customers should also KNOW you’re doing all this, so make sure your efforts get recognized.


    5 May 2011

  6. » Are You Valuable? says:

    […] Easier said than done… still needs to be done. […]

    11 March 2011

  7. Derek Miles says:

    Nice article, enjoyed reading your content

    30 January 2011

  8. Erin says:

    I recently heard about this site from a friend to see what Just Sell was all about. This article about “Are you Valuable” not only had a catchy title to make me want to read it, but offered some good information. I will definitely use this for a self evaluation for marketing in Los Angeles, but for future employees.

    Erin @ 360 Creative Inc.

    17 December 2010

  9. Boost your “Value” for the Best Food Sales Jobs says:

    […] a useful checklist to get you thinking some more about your value in sales and maybe even raising your “Price […]

    22 November 2010

  10. JB says:

    I’m so happy I found this site. Making a deal seems to be the best thing for making your self valuable. If you can make a customer think about you when they are shopping around for a product. You will know your attitude is on the right path.

    3 November 2010

  11. The Results Company » Are you valuable to your employer? says:

    […] most likely it’s purely adding to the bottom line. This is especially true in small businesses. This blog post from Just Sell discusses questions you should ask yourself to determine your […]

    27 July 2010

  12. SalesFist says:

    This article is spot on. Instead of focusing on being the most valuable salesperson, you should focus on being the salesperson with the most value. Everythign else will fall into place over time.

    24 June 2010

  13. Holly Clark says:

    I believe that to be invaluable as a sales proffesional, it is imperative to be valued by your team and employers/employees. However, to be valued by your prospect/customer is invaluable. Happy customers create referrals. Referrals create revenue. Everyone happy.

    24 May 2010

  14. Lisa A. Maini, myMarketingManager says:

    I have a slightly different twist on job security – i.e. developing skills, value adds, partnerships, etc. that increase your client’s revenue.

    15 April 2010

  15. Julie says:

    These are the fundatmentals I learned 20 years ago. They are tried ad true. I love being reminded of them on a regular basis and coaching my team to adhere to them. I am reminded of how important expertise is and knowing you value proposiion. Thanks for sharing solid reminder and excellent sales knowledge.

    12 April 2010

  16. Alkanis says:

    Seems solid, however the positive buzz is really a case by case scenario. What it should be replaced with is the whole idea of standing out. Personally I can’t stand those sales reps that reek of fake happyness and over-compensating enthusiasm. and thats what alot of people come off as when they put on this whole positive attitude mask.

    24 February 2010

  17. zeke says:

    That is very helpfull to me thank you for posting this

    6 November 2009


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