Customer Service Checklist

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Customer service is a sales opportunity.

Handled as an account management function of the sales department or by another department altogether, customer service is another opportunity to enhance your company’s relationship with existing customers and prospects. To improve service is to improve the experience at each and every point of interaction that customers and prospects have with your company. (For simplicity throughout this guide, customers and prospects will be referred to only as customers. Both should be treated equally well because it’s the right thing to do. But remember, customers keep the lights on.)

Remember, quality customer service is defined by the individual experiencing it, not you (and perception is reality). Your goal is to exceed expectations (you’re a Smover, aren’t you?)

The customer service checklist is your guide to deliberately identifying your points of customer interaction and scripting the experience – orchestrating something wonderful (mediocrity is for your competition and the airline industry). It begins by identifying the points of interaction and then asking…

  1. What does the customer want at this moment?
  2. What experience does the company want to provide the customer?

And remember, it’s not only the people in sales and customer service that can get, lose, or retain a customer. It’s everyone.

Be sure to radiate the sales culture.


Before the sale…

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